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Estate Administration

We offer complete estate administration services to the Executors/Administrators of estates and pride ourselves on providing advice to deal with estate administration in a timely and professional manner without undue complications or risks.

Deceased estate administration can be complicated and involve risks to the Executors/Administrators. We advise regarding their duties and potential liabilities in administering an estate and are happy to assist them in each step of the process.

We assist in obtaining Grants of Probate of Wills and in obtaining Grants of Letters of Administration for intestate estates.

Our aim is to provide timely and commercially efficient assistance to our clients in navigating their role as the Executors/Administrators of estates.

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Estate Disputes

Estate Disputes

We offer very experienced assistance and advice, to both the Executors/Administrators of estates and to individuals with an interest in an estate, if there is any dispute over a deceased person’s Will or estate.

That may be:

  • a challenge to the validity of a Will, if undue influence or incapacity of the deceased at the time that they made their Will is alleged; or
  • a person making an application for further provision from the Will (where they claim that they have not been adequately provided for in the Will); or
  • the interpretation of any part of the Will; or
  • an issue about whether or not the deceased has made an ‘informal will’.

These matters may involve Court applications and negotiations. We focus on providing expert and practical advice and solutions to our clients to achieve their best outcomes in a timely and no-nonsense manner.

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